Letter to Mr. Palacios


I need to know you.

In order to better tailor my lessons to you, my students, you are going to write me a letter. I’m not asking for anything formal. Just an authentic message from you to me. You can email or handwrite it. You are not obligated to use any of the following questions, but here are some ideas that may help guide you:

  • What should I know about you?
  • What’s something about yourself that I wouldn’t know by looking at you?
  • What’s your family’s background? Do you speak any languages other than English?
  • Who do you live with? Do you have any siblings?
  • In all of your years of school, who is/was your favorite teacher? Why?
  • Was mathematics invented or discovered? Why do you think that?
  • What’s a goal that you have for the year?

Remember, the more detail you give, the better I’ll be able to teach you. Make it good!

Oh, and everyone gets a personalized response letter from Mr. Palacios. Everyone.


Mr. Palacios


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