Worked out solutions for HW, video lessons, and blank VIPs


Hi everyone! I wanted to update you on a few of updates on our class website.

Firstly, you now have access to worked out solutions to all homework problems. I have placed links on the algebra 2 page. Go to Unit B and you’ll see them under the appropriate concept.

Secondly, whenever you are absent, I have linked video lessons for you to watch to learn the concept that you missed. You can also watch these videos even if you were in class to relearn things. These videos DO NOT follow the notes from the VIP, but they are helpful. The lessons can also be found under each concept on the algebra 2 page.

Lastly, if you ever lose, misplace, or want a fresh copy of any VIP that I give you in class, they are now available on our website as well. Look for the link next the title of each unit on the algebra 2 page.

Hope these improvements help you. See you in class.




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